Seasonal Trail Marquee

We were thrilled to once again provide structures for another exciting illumination trail at the, designed by the incredible team at SLX.

We installed a 15m x 18m structure, which served as an atmospheric meeting point for friends and family to gather and enjoy food and drinks before embarking on the trail. This new space created a warm and inviting entry to the enchating light trail, through the picturesque gardens and woodlands.

Catering & Dining Marquee

Inside the structure, Fosters provided delicious meals and refreshments for all the attendees. We worked closely with them to ensure they had ample space and resources to deliver their exceptional culinary offerings.

In order to create a level surface for the structure on unlevel ground, we installed a robust flooring system. This allowed for a safe and comfortable experience for all the guests as they navigated through the activities and attractions.

Marquee Ticket Office

To accommodate the ticketing process, we set up a dedicated ticket office structure. This structure, consisting of 3m Chinese hats, provided a convenient and organized space for attendees to purchase their tickets and receive any necessary information. Additionally, we installed a shop structure, which had been a successful feature in 2021 as well. This 6m x 9m structure served as a vibrant space for the guests to browse and purchase.

Our structures were in place from November to January, ensuring a prolonged period of enjoyment for all who attended the light trail. Throughout this time, guests were treated to a truly visually stunning experience.

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