Marquees for MoonWalk London

We ventured to Clapham Common once again for this year’s MoonWalk. Founded by Nina Barough, Walk the Walk hosts marathons across the world in order to raise valuable funds for breast cancer.

We were absolutely delighted to be involved with Moonwalk London event again this year where we provided a multitude of structures in a range of sizes. Structures ranging up to 15m x 30m totalling over 1200sqm were installed by our team, who worked tirelessly to create a dynamic and functional spaces for each purpose.

Multi-Structure Marquee Hire

The multiple structures served a range of important roles, they provided space for volunteers, a hospital area, a green room, a help desk, a baggage area, as well as shop facilities and more! Each structure was carefully designed and set up to cater to the specific needs of these each area.

At the heart of our commitment to delivering exceptional event experiences, we ensured that each structure was meticulously planned, installed, and maintained. Our team worked closely with the event organizers and stakeholders to ensure that all requirements were met, to aid in the smooth running of the event.

The event has evolved throughout the years, we continue to pride ourselves on our ability to adapt and provide the best possible structures for the occasion.

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