Long Term Storage Warehouse Extension for SLX

In September 2021, we had the opportunity to install a structure to address the storage needs of SLX and their need for a space to sort through equipment returning from events. This temporary storage solution allows for efficient organisation and management of the equipment, ensuring a smooth transition between events.

The structure, measuring 12m x 30m, has provided the ideal location for sorting through equipment efficiently before either making it’s way into the main warehouse storage facilities, or straight out to the next event, in such a way as to not clutter the main warehouse. All while protecting the equipment itself from the elements.

Long Term Storage Maintenance

With long term structure solutions comes the impact of weather conditions over time. Weather patterns can vary significantly, and we took this into consideration when selecting the appropriate location for the structure. By carefully assessing the site and considering factors such as wind exposure and drainage, we ensured a secure and stable installation that could withstand various weather conditions. Additionally, regular checks are conducted to verify the ongoing structural integrity and safety of the storage structure, providing peace of mind, and ensuring a safe and secure environment for equipment sorting.

The structure remains useful and SLX are still using it to filter and manage stock and equipment between events.

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