Event Marquee for Thatchers Cider Wassail

Another extraordinary event for Thatchers Cider, always a highlight of our portfolio. This particular event, planned and designed by the team at Alastair Currie Events, called for a larger structure. Measuring an impressive 20m x 30m, the structure comfortably accommodated guests.

In addition to the size upgrade, we also took the opportunity to revamp the internal design of the structure. Starlight linings were incorporated over the relocated stage area, a captivating atmosphere for the performances throughout the evening, from Nina Conti to Lipsinki. The redesigned interior brought a new level of sophistication to the event, elevating the overall aesthetic and ambiance.

Marquee Guest Experience

To enhance the guest experience, we expanded the entrance porch to a generous 9m x 6m. This allowed plenty of room for guests to get in from the cold and drop off their coats before entering the event space.

As always, a dedicated catering area ensured Fosters Catering had plenty of room to provide their culinary delights throughout the event.

As with any event, there were complexities to navigate, and the Thatchers Cider event was no exception. One significant challenge we encountered was the need to change the event site just a week before the scheduled date. This decision was driven by the amount of rainfall that had occurred in the initial location. The safety and comfort of guests is always of utmost importance, so we swiftly adapted and secured an alternative site that could accommodate the event requirements and ensure a seamless experience for all attendees.

Despite the last-minute site change and the various complexities involved, the Thatchers Cider event was a resounding success. The larger structure, redesigned interior, and enhanced amenities contributed to an unforgettable experience for all attendees. We are proud to have partnered with Thatchers Cider and ACES Events to create an event that surpassed expectations and left a lasting impression.

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