7 reasons to be hosting your Bristol based Party in a marquee!

Marquees are one of the most versatile ways to host your party – ok, so we may be biased in saying this, but without many restrictions in your way, you will be able to choose the event you want, when you want. From the location to number of guests and decorations – you can choose each detail, to create the perfect celebration you dreamt of!

1. A marquee party can happen anywhere

Location is key. Whether you have a certain style of location in mind – a traditional country manor backdrop, your garden lawn or even a view of the coastline – the wonderful thing about hosting a celebration in a marquee is that you can bring your event to your chosen location.

Partially lined marquee from Clifton Marquee CompanyClear roof and walls for a reception area by CMC

2. Make the most of your surroundings

Have you ever stumbled across a view that took your breath away and thought it would be the perfect party or wedding scene? You can opt for a marquee with panoramic windows and clear roofs; for you and your guests to enjoy your dream view, without any obstruction.

A clear marquee, lighting up its surroundings from CMCA stand out marquee with uplighters, designed by CMC

3. You can have it at any time of year

There is an age old myth that marquee events can take place only during the summer months – we are pleased to put this rumour to bed! Of course, even during the summer season there is always the threat of the English weather getting in the way of your celebrations, however a marquee can be one way of knowing you don’t have to worry, without compromising being in the great outdoors. Our marquees are strong enough to stand in any (non – extreme) weather conditions and heaters provide the cosiest of environments even during the coldest of winter months. Marquees are truly practical and beautiful all year round.

A burgundy lined marquee for a New Years Eve Wedding built by CMCA partially clear roofed marquee for the Thatchers Wassail in January

4. Design your marquee to suit your style

Have you ever seen two marquees that look the same? We’re guessing not! You have the complete freedom to choose your colour scheme, furniture, lighting, bar – you name it, you can choose it. From a nod to the retro era to timeless classic elements – or even a mix of the two, you can style your marquee however you wish. The ultimate personalised venue.

A Silk Road themed party, build by CMC - you can do anything with a marqueeRolled up panoramic windows, and a lined roof - how different this marquee looks to the previous marquee

5. Don’t be restricted by food

Perhaps you have the most delicious caterer in mind for your celebration, unfortunately with some venues you may be restricted with the caterer you can use. If food is an important element for your celebration – look no further! Hosting your event in a marquee gives you the freedom to create your ideal dining experience without abiding to a venue’s preferences. Adding a catering annex to your marquee will allow your chef to have enough space to work their magic and create a scrumptious feast for you and your guests.

Be alternative, and have a burger van turn up to your marquee partyHave a trendy restaurant like Patty and Bun, cater your party

6. And certainly don’t be restricted by drink

Is there anything more exciting than designing your own bespoke bar menu complete with your favourite drinks? Our sister company The Waiting Game can help you to create a menu to ensure your party is a success. You can choose from a range of stunning bars that will really give your event the WOW factor!

An LED bar makes the perfect centerpiece for your marquee celebration, build by The Waiting GameA personalised bar menu created by The Waiting Game

7. Party like no one is watching

And finally, the most important point of all, you get to decide when your celebration finishes. With the approval of your neighbours, you could even party until 4am– just ensure you have midnight munchies to keep your guests dancing until the sun rises!

So don’t be held back by an indoor venue – it’s your special day!

A spakly starliit nightclub area in a marquee, designed by Alastair Currie Eveents

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