Top Tips For Choosing Your Perfect Marquee Interior– Part 2

Now you’ve got the basics, from flooring to linings to tables and chairs, it’s time to start looking at those finer details.


A bar can be a great feature. It’s certainly the most important one – if you get my drift! There is such a fantastic variety to suit any event. Something simpler like a stainless steel top with hessian or linen draped round it goes well at a more understated event.

Stylish vintage bar at a wedding at the Downs School, Bristol

If you are looking for something more rustic, or want to go for that brewery feel, why not have a wooden cladded bar.

A favourite of ours is always a round bar. They make a great statement piece and look absolute fantastic whatever the occasion. From light up LED to silver, they go surprising well with any style of marquee, and really give your event that WOW factor. So don’t hold back!

LED bar glows brightly, looking fantastic at this wedding in Bristol


One thing we always recommend is uplighters; one is placed at the bottom of each leg and shine upwards to create an all round glow. What’s fantastic about these is you can have them in any colour to enhance your style or theme.

Purple uplighters to enhance the burgundy linings at this New Years Eve wedding

The lighting really enhances this tropical Silk Road themed birthday party in the South West

Festoon lights are always stunning, especially when you have clear roofs; they really make a marquee shine. Perhaps you are going for an uber-glam look, and want to create sheer elegance; a couple of chandeliers will certainly do the job.

Clear roofs and festoon lights make this wedding in the South West glow

Chandeliers in clear roofs for super glamorous marquee lighting at the Bristol Life Awards

When the night time sets in and guests have had a couple gin and tonics, add some disco lights above the dancefloor, this will really get people in the mood for a boogie.

Disco lighting to get the guests moving and shaking at this marquee birthday party in the South West

And it’s not just about the interior….

Hanging lanterns and hay bails for a stunning chill out area at this marquee wedding in Bristol

WOW look at that marquee glow, filled with incredible lighting for a magical wedding setting in Bristol

With so many possibilites, we can help you choose the right lighting to make your marquee setting stand out.


Most likely at a wedding, you may consider having a nightclub area; during dinner hidden behind a curtain is a glamourous nightclub waiting to be revealed. The bride and groom will take centre stage and dance beneath sparkly star light roof linings, as though dancing under twinkly stars – it couldn’t get much more romantic than that. But whether your event is a wedding or not, starlight roof linings always look stunning.

Dance beneath sparkly starlit roof linings for a romantic first dance in this marquee nightclub area

If you don’t want a nightclub area, but you still want your guests to enjoy some dancing, a stage and a dancefloor, whether at one end of the marquee or in the middle, surrounded by some disco lights can be a funky way to round the evening off.

Clear roofs over a parquet dancefloor to create a focal point for performers and dancing at this marquee in the South West

A key piece to this part of the evening is the dancefloor. From traditional parquet to mirrored floors to sparkly starlight dancefloors, there is so much to choose from, having a dancefloor can really help create the party atmosphere you want.

Star lit linings and a sparkly star lit dance floor for this incredible wedding nightclub area

Ok so this may not have helped, but made your head hurt instead. But at least you can now start to go through a checklist and separate out the things you might want and the things you know you definitely do want.

But it doesn’t have to be that confusing – just give CMC Marquees a call and we can go through all the details with you step by step, choosing the right dressing and furniture for your perfect marquee event.

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