Top Tips For Choosing Your Perfect Marquee Interior – Part 1

At CMC we understand the importance of getting the interior of your event right, but sometimes it’s hard to know where to start. We’ve put together a few tips to inspire you with your marquee design.

Marquee Flooring

Flooring can really enhance the style of your marquee. This is why we love giving options to match your choice of decor. For instance, a rustic matting floor can really accentuate a vintage style wedding or a more relaxed event.

Matting floor for a rustic, casual marquee event in Bristol

Perhaps you would like carpet; we have a plethora of colours to choose from. Maybe something neutral, Champagne or Saharan desert to go with the sophisticated tones. Or you fancy something a bit funkier; you’re having a themed party and you want to opt for a bright colour to match the motif. You could even go the whole shebang and have a wooden floor beneath your carpet to give your marquee that high quality finish.

Green carpet makes this blessing area stand out at a Somerset wedding

Flooring isn’t just about aesthetics. You may also want to take the terrain into account. It can be a practical solution to a serious problem. Whether the land is uneven, or you have a tennis court that you need to protect, having a hard wooden floor can be just the ticket. Our wooden floors are built into our structure which gives a really solid feel to your marquee event.

Dress your marquee

There are numerous ways in which you can cover the interior walls and ceiling of your marquee. A more traditional ivory pleated lining is always a favourite for a classy wedding or an awards ceremony. Maybe a more modern approach suits your style; opting for panoramic window walls and clear roofs. These look especially fabulous when you have a beautiful setting. Bringing the exterior into your design means you can make the most of what’s around you.

Bristol Life Awards used ivory pleated linings for a glamorous evening

Clear roofs and window walls to enable guests to see their beautiful surrounding at this wedding in Bristol

We love how creative one can get just by mixing and matching linings and clear PVC. It can also be a great way to segment the marquee into areas.

For this event, clear roof panels were added into the centre of the structure to create a focal point for the performers and stage.

Clear roof panels to create the a stylish focal point over the stage at an awards ceremony in Bristol

Here, window walls run all along one side of the marquee to enable guests to see out on the beautiful green setting.

Ivory pleated roof linings and window walls at this stunning wedding at The Downs School

This wedding used different linings to separate dining, bar and nightclub

Star cloth roof linings, ivory pleated linings and clear roofs create separate area at this wedding marquee in Bristol

Housed in a separate marquee from the reception and nightclub area, this dining marquee was completely covered in star cloth roof linings and black walls. Simply exquisite.

It doesn’t even stop there, the linings possibilities are endless; from multicolours to drapery. But do not fear, we can help you find the right dress to suit your event.

Tables and Chairs

Depending on how you would like the style of the event to develop, tables and chairs can really help enhance your ideas. Round tables and Chiavari chairs is always a great go to. They go wonderfully with a more traditional ivory pleated lined marquee. Perhaps you like the classic feel but prefer long trestle tables as opposed to round ones, giving your guests the sensation of being at a banquet.

Ivory pleated linings, round tables and Chiavari chairs for this stylish wedding at The Downs School

Long trestle tables for guests to dine in style at this beautiful marquee wedding in the south west

Maybe you want to opt for a more rustic feel, vintage tables and chair are the absolute height of style – plus you don’t need to get linen.

Vintage trestle tables and vintage chairs beneath clear roofs for a stylish wedding in the South west

Or go completely the other way and enjoy something modern and unusual, like this wedding which used mirrored table tops and Ghosts chairs.

Mirrored table tops and ghosts chairs for a more modern wedding marquee in Somerset

Once you have decided on the shapes and sizes, you will start to look at covering your tables. White linen is always elegant, but really any colour or pattern you desire could be made in to a table cloth if you so wish.

Whatever style you like we can help create the perfect interior combination to go with your event. So why not get in contact with us and we can start looking at options for your marquee event.

Watch this space; we’ve got more top tips for your marquee event coming up in part 2.

Thank you to Zest EventsAlastair Currie Events and Bristol Life Awards for working with us on some of these incredible events.

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