Television Production Village – Temporary TV Studios

CMC Marquees was delighted to set up an on-location production village for a unique television production.

The production required an on-set tent as well as a number of structures behind the scenes to facilitate with filming. These temporary structures included security tents, temporary catering structures, editing suites and server rooms.

The set up in particular was no mean feat with the pandemic on our hands. The Production team and the wider teams worked immensely hard to put all the safety precautions in place in order to allow for production and filming to go ahead throughout all the Covid-19 restrictions. Ensuring utmost safety of the entire cast and crew throughout the duration of the project.

Marquee for Film and Television

With Marquees for Television and Film, particularly those that are on set, it’s imperative that the structure size and layout of the tents allows for the camera, lighting and production teams to operate in the best possible environment on location. Allowing crew to utilize the height and width of the marquee to bring the each of the shows to life.

An enormous amount of care and attention goes into each of our projects. From establishing the most appropriate spaces for the set up and unique requirements of each production through to the install, dismantle, storage, cleaning, repair and logistics of getting the tents to wherever they’re needed.  As well as working with each of the partners to bring the entire site together, to ensure the smooth delivery, build and care of the marquees.

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Filming during Covid-19

2020 quickly became a year where it seemed many television productions wouldn’t go ahead. With some extraordinary sacrifices and efforts from the production teams and suppliers alike the production went ahead.

The whole CMC Marquees team involved in the project stayed on location for around 2 weeks, following isolation and testing ahead of access and build. Alongside the on-set tent requirements there was a number of other structures behind the scenes. Plus additional logistical endeavors that we carried out, in order to allow for a tight and secure bubble to be formed on site.

We built crew areas with accommodation and undertook extensive cleaning of equipment and props around the site, as well as helping with the set up of these on set. We also provided a number of tents for both cast and crew, catering, break out and group areas, with plenty of space for social distancing. Plus areas for cleaning, storage, security, laundry, and a production village.

Temporary Structures

If you’re looking for a tent or multiple temporary structures for your production site then look no further. From extraordinary on-camera marquees to storage structures. We cater expertly to all TV & Film set needs with the utmost discretion. From tailored packages and long-term hire, to a variety of additional amenities hire and logistics planning. We’ve got you covered.

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