Decorating Your Wedding Marquee

Marquees are just the most fabulous venues for any event – ok so we might be a tiny bit biased but honestly they genuinely do offer an incredibly versatile space and an infinite choice of possibilities for theming and decorating. If you’re considering a marquee for your event and wondering how you’ll transform the interior here are some ideas:

Choosing A Theme

A bicycle theme from a previous Alastair Currie Events wedding

A great place to start is with a theme.  You might have been to a themed party or wedding and want to replicate this or you might be looking for something new – maybe a little but quirky and unusual or perhaps you’ve been inspired by the latest blockbuster – I remember when Gatsby-esque parties were all the rage, weren’t they great.   Well one thing is for certain you definitely won’t be stuck for choice.   There are a myriad of themes and styles to choose from and a cornucopia of decorations and props to help you achieve the look you’re aiming for  In fact, the most difficult bit is likely to be narrowing down your choices and selecting which items work together.  We’ve found that one of the easiest ways to do this is by using Pinterest. Not only does it enable you to create a central scrapbook or mood board for all your ideas, which you can then whittle down to final choices but it is also superb for getting that much needed inspiration – see what other people have created and tweak their ideas or just pinch them outright – a word of warning though it will take up hours of your life which you will never get back, but hey it’s worth it and you can share the fun by asking your friends and family to contribute.

Deciding on a Colour Scheme

A pop of colour is given to this marquee from these purple orchids – an ACEs event

Colour, it’s important. Everyone has a vision of how their event will look and this generally includes colour. The colours you choose need to complement each other, you can find various suggestions for complementary colours palettes online. Think about the time of year in which your event is being held; dramatic dark colours can look stunning at a black tie winter celebration while delicate pastels mixed with rustic furniture and antique crockery make an ideal combination for a whimsical vintage wedding. Don’t stick to the rules though, a marquee is a blank canvas waiting to be transformed.

Be aware that the big items will have a huge impact on the overall look of your marquee so consider carefully things like the carpet colour. Remember also that a stark interior can be transformed by colour, striking floral designs can bring just the right amount of ‘wow’ to an otherwise neutral setting and really bring it to life. In my opinion less is more – especially if you have a venue with a view to die for, consider making the most of it by using a clear panelled marquee to bring the outside in. This can often be the most eye catching and stunning way to decorate your marquee, especially if your location allows you to hide the surprise from your guests until they step inside.


Banqueting table decorated with royal blue table runners – ACEs

If you’ve already decided on your theme and your colour scheme for your wedding what’s the next step? Well your guests will need somewhere to sit and dine so tables and seating need to be considered. Having worked out the practicalities of numbers then think about what styles will work with your theme. Will traditional round tables or long rustic-style banqueting tables fit the bill? What colour tablecloths or runners will complement your scheme – never underestimate the value of a good quality tablecloth, scrimping here can utterly ruin the overall look. If you have any chill out areas that need furnishing then think about whether straw bales covered in blankets, bean bags or perhaps smart chesterfields will suit your style and occasion.

Oh, one other thing, partly because it’s a personal favourite of ours here at CMC, glow furniture! Capture that ice bar/apre ski vibe with these unique contemporary pieces of furniture that look superb, especially once the sun goes down and the champagne is flowing. CMC has excellent relationships with a large number of local suppliers who can supply everything you might need, so if you do need some help locating that cerulean blue tablecloth or think you might like a full size African elephant (perhaps not a real one though, think of the clearing up!) as a focal point then we can help.

Seating Plan

A personal seating plan for a previous ACEs event

Seating plans used to be simple printed lists of your guests names telling them what table they were on – boring! Now you can make this vital element of your event a creative feast too. Unleash your inner creativity and produce a plan worthy of a spot in the Tate. Alright we’re exaggerating a little but you can certainly create a table plan that complements your theme or, just as importantly links to your and your partner’s personalities – because after all the day is supposed to be about the two of you. Your seating plan can also be an excellent and memorable way to set the theme of your wedding for your guests right from the start. If you’re struggling to come up with ideas there are hundreds of inspirational posts all over the Internet. For example if you’re having a travel themed wedding using airline tickets as place names or destinations as table names, perhaps even having the area where the table plan is to be located designed as a check in desk could be an option. Personal is best, take a look at this seating plan from an ACEs event last summer – no need for your guests to spot their name on this eye-catching plan and what a wonderful talking point too – “Oh wow I remember when that photo was taken, arghh my hair was so short, so-and-so hasn’t aged at all….”

Making use of the hidden space

Photo taken from a previous ACEs event

One of the benefits of a marquee and something which is often overlooked in planning the interior for an event is the ceiling height. If you’ve got it then use it, Not making use of this valuable space is frankly an opportunity missed – it’s perfect for adding an extra element of décor, drawing the eye to a particular point, creating additional interest or adding movement to an otherwise static vista. Again the choice of suspended decorations is endless, only the weight of an object prevent it from being easily suspended – that African elephant might be a little tricky! You can make a stunning statement with traditional items; paper lanterns, balloons and bespoke light fittings but don’t limit yourself, consider character inflatables, candles in jam jars, upside down flowers or trailing plants, go on let your imagination run wild, there is something out there to suit every theme and budget.


An eyecatching bar from an ACEs event

A wedding, a party, a family get together, a corporate event,  virtually every event needs a bar to make it complete.  Whether you’re having a rustic wedding on a farm or a glamorous party to celebrate a ‘BIG’ birthday there are plenty of different types of bars to choose from. Our very own sister company The Waiting Game own a variety of bars to suit every event, from traditional to funky.  This glow bar really works well with the star cloth on the marquee ceiling.

Your guests

Of course the best addition to any wedding décor is its guests – they bring the real personality, excitement and happiness to your event!


Have you recently celebrated an occasion in a marquee? We’d love to see how you decorated it.

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