CMC Marquees and the Bristol Life Awards

Proud Marquee Sponors

We were thrilled to be one of the main sponsors of the first ever Bristol Life Awards! We are incredibly fortunate to be living in a thriving city with lots of local, independent businesses. And what a way to celebrate how lucky we are than with an awards ceremony commemorating some of the best businesses and people in our beautiful city.

Guests enjoying themselves, in our beautifully lit Bristol Life Awards Marquee

Anything is possible

From first impressions it was going to be a 400 strong guest list. The event proved extremely popular and the increasing popularity became a welcomed challenge. How could we create more room in a set space? Alastair and Stuart put their heads together and made many rearrangements, from doubling the catering annex, to adding an extension for the extra 200 guests – the beauty of marquees! They let nothing get in their way.

CMC's marquee standing tall on top of the Lloyds Amphitheater in Bristol

Marquee Magic

By 9am on Monday, our first build day, the CMC team had already laid the first section of flooring and had time to enjoy a well – deserved coffee whilst awaiting the arrival of the rest of the team.

The next few days consisted of long hours and hard work – the amount that can be achieved in one day is astonishing! Attention to even the finest of details was paid to ensure that this magnificent structure was as remarkable as it deserved to be. By Wednesday lunchtime the marquee was up, lined and carpeted. And the rest of the finer details were to be put in place over the next day and a half. Including the increible sounds and visuals that were rigged up by Enlightened.

The start of our marquee build

In just a couple days, the large marquee structure was built - impressive hey!?

An uber-glam evening with 600 dazzling guests

As we entered the reception area we were handed a glass of bubbly. The clear roof and panoramic windows meant we had the full view of the Harbouside. The windows were rolled up and the guests spilled out onto the harbour, chatting and sipping at their beverage. The bright lights ‘Bristol Life’ framed half the reception room, it looked incredible.

Clear roofs and clear panoramic windows make for an extremely glamorous marquee reception rea

Bristol large light up letters stand proud among the clear reception area

Divine dinner accompanied by magnificent music

As we made our way to the table, the Bristol Reggae Orchestra started to play. Once seated, we were served an incredible menu from Fosters. Our taste buds were dancing to the sound of the band. An impressive task; cooking impeccably delicious food for 600 guests.

Bristol Life Awards beautifully furnished and decorated marquee interior, ready for the guests to take their seats

Guests about to tuck into their incredible meal prepared by Fosters catering

And the award goes to…

Once we had made our way through the three scrumptious courses, the awards began.

The stage set, Bristol Life Awards commences, and the winner is...

The awards made one really appreciate the importance of the awards ceremony; nominees of independent organisations around Bristol being recognised for the wonderful work they do.

Clear roof panels proturding from the stage makes the perfect focal point, along with uplighters and dappled lighting to create an incredibly glamorous atmosphere

Towards the end of the awards our very own Alastair Currie presented the Leisure and Tourism award as sponsored by CMC. Alastair spoke about how the idea of getting Bristol people and businesses together had started as a dream, and what a wonderful job everyone involved had done to turn it into reality. He then presented the award to Gloucestershire County Cricket Ground for their wonderful contribution to society.

Alastair Currie presenting an award at the Bristol Life Awards

What goes up must come down

The next day the crew were up at 5am to take down the marquee, a mere 12 hours later the structure was completely de-rigged.  It was a tremendous effort and an extremely exciting job. We couldn’t have been happier that we were the ones who provided the venue for the Bristol Life Awards.

CMC's marquee glowing on the Bristol Harbourside

We would just like to say thank you to Media Clash for this incredible event, and to Paolo Ferla for the beautiful photos.

Click to see the some more of the BLA photos uploaded on our facebook and website.

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