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Case Studies – Long Term Hire

Long Term Storage Warehouse Extension for SLX

In September 2021, we had the opportunity to install a structure to address the storage needs of SLX and their need for a space to sort through equipment returning from events. This temporary storage solution allows for efficient organisation and [...]

Marquee Restaurant Extension for The Wave

With social distancing establishing itself as a vital practice throughout 2020 and 2021 it is so important that businesses continually adapt to maximise their capacity, while always maintaining the utmost safety. To facilitate with social distancing and to offer customers [...]

Marquee Walkway Shelter for Queuing

Managing customer experience amidst a pandemic is a challenge. Enforcing and maintaining social distancing, plus longer processing times for customers for many businesses makes for longer queues than we’ve all been used to in the past. Pair this with adverse [...]

Temporary Warehouse Extension Structure

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic ecommerce boomed with everyone staying home. This saw many ecommerce businesses boom too, and they found themselves quickly running out of space. Enter CMC Marquees. We were on hand to provide temporary structures quickly to allow [...]

Television Production Village – Temporary TV Studios

CMC Marquees was delighted to set up an on-location production village for a unique television production. The production required an on-set tent as well as a number of structures behind the scenes to facilitate with filming. These temporary structures included [...]

The Perfect Temporary Storage Solution

As the leading supplier of premium and celebration cakes within the UK, Finsbury Food Group have plenty to take care of at their bakery in Cardiff, to ensure we can get hold of our favourite cakes and tea time treats. [...]

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