Bristol Life Awards’ Finalists Part 3

Our fifth finalist has certainly made their mark in our city by giving cinema screening a whole new meaning.

Bristol Film Festival celebrates its third birthday in 2018 with its most extensive programme to date. The festival has two main strands to its programming: organising immersive event cinema screenings at a wide range of Bristol venues and landmarks and showcasing local independent filmmaking talent.

What does it mean for your company to be a part of the Bristol Life Awards?

We’re delighted to be a finalist in this year’s Bristol Life Awards. For a young festival, it means a lot to be recognised alongside some of the city’s major organisations, businesses and establishments, as well as a diverse range of finalists across all categories.

What’s been the biggest achievement of the Bristol Film Festival’s time so far?

A recent highlight was our sell-out screening of Airplane! underneath Concorde at Aerospace Bristol. 300 people enjoying one of the all-time comedy masterpieces against the backdrop of a true Bristol icon is something we’ll remember for a very long time!

If you could give one piece of advice to a start-up Event Company, what would it be?

Set sensible targets, and stick with it. Only a very fortunate few manage to achieve 100% attendance from Day One, so don’t put undue pressure on your business plan (and yourself) and focus more on delivering quality events with a sustainable model. Let your audience grow with you over time instead of an “all-or-nothing” approach to the very first event.

What would you like to achieve in the next 2 years?

We’ve got some exciting new venues we’ll be working with soon, as well as developing our links with our current partner venues and strengthening the theme for each of our event series. We’re also working on a ‘Friends Of The Festival’ scheme. Within two years I would hope that the festival will have a reach extending beyond the region, drawing movie-lovers to the city for the weekend.

Bristol Film Festival is inclusive of all types of cinema, giving a platform for independent filmmakers, and provides incredible venues as a place where people can watch their favourite films, from vintage classics at Averys to rom coms at the Cathedral, what more could you want?! Like all the other Events in this category, this one certainly deserves to be a finalist.

Thanks to Bristol Film Festival for your amazing answers!


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