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Late last year, on a cold winter’s day in Bristol, a client of ours came to ask for our professional marquee advice. He sits on a board of the charity Barton Camp, whose residential centre is based in Somerset. This residential centre has an outdoor swimming pool that was in need of refurbishment. It was run down, and the tiles were peeling off right in front of their eyes. It needed some TLC. But, there was one big obstacle getting in the way of restoration; whilst any work was to be undertaken, the pool needed to be completely dry – for three months, they needed dry weather. No rain. In England!? This was hard at the best of times. They came to the realisation that they would need something to cover the pool. Cue our marquee expertise.

CMC's marquee structure in Somerset

Barton Camp

Barton Camp is a charity that hosts disadvantaged children, for learning and adventure, during the summer months. It is invaluable to the kids and makes the world of difference to them and their parents. The kids love the pool, and summer would not be the same if the pool wasn’t accessible, whilst it was being restored – but not even the summer months in England can be predictably dry.

CMC's marquee protecting a swimming pool in the South West


They thought about using scaffolding, but we knew this wouldn’t be fit for purpose. The swimming pool was on top of a valley, an obviously windy location. It needed a structure that could stand heavy winds and for a long period of time.

Our marquee protecting the pool and the slide

The marquee from another angle, keeping the wind off the swimming pool

CMC to the rescue

We gave our professional opinion, and suggested we build a marquee structure over the swimming pool, which would facilitate the work needed to be done.

We knew our marquee would stand up against turbulent weather, and boy, did it. When Storm Doris came along, on that gusty Thursday morning, did our marquee hold its own?!

Our marquee stood on top a a windy valley, for three month, whilst the work was being undertaken on the swimming pool.

CMC's marquee standing on top of a valley in Somerset


Although a momentary hairy moment, frantically researching miles per hour the wind would be travelling during Storm Doris – phew, not fast enough to bring down our robust structure.

Being able to work with an incredible charity. To help enable them to successfully retile the swimming pool, and open again in the summer, for the children to enjoy the delights of splashing about in the sun once again, was an absolute honour.

End result - Barton Camp swimming pool fulled restored, thanks to CMC's Marquee

Find out more about the charity here.

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