Environmental Credentials

CMC Marquees are committed to environmental sustainability and we recognise our responsibility as a service provider to ensure we’re doing everything we can to continually improve. We work to ensure our processes and practices promote the highest standards in all areas.

We hold ourselves accountable for finding and striving for sustainable or recyclable options in the first instance. We encourage our clients to make conscious choices wherever possible too. We make every attempt to ensure our equipment can be reused. Where things cannot be reused, we ensure they are recycled or disposed of correctly with the least possible environmental impact.

CMC Marquees Green Credentials

From our beautiful base in the heart of North Somerset we are lucky to have fields and forests surrounding us. We’re no stranger to a deer at our lake, squirrels scurrying past and horses passing by our front gates. Nature is important to us and we are very proud to be based within a carbon negative office and warehouse. We supply 100% of our own electricity and heat, and most of our own water too.

Renewable Energy Supplies

All our electricity comes from our roof of solar panels. Thanks to our large roof space we are able harness enough solar energy to power our entire warehouse and offices, as well as providing renewable energy back to the grid. We save approximately 34,000kg/a of C02 each year.

Sustainable Energy Resources

Our biomass boiler provides us with heat and hot water when we need it. The boiler uses pellets made from the waste wood of other productions, sourced from sustainably managed forests.

Responsibly Managed Vehicle fleet

We have electric car charging points at our main office, allowing for our Director plus other staff and visitors with electric cars to park and charge while they are here. Our wider vehicle fleet are all AdBlue, meaning that harmful emissions are minimised as much as possible. We also regularly check our fleet to ensure optimisation of fuel efficiency. Truck and lorry tyres are maintained at the correct pressures, engines are serviced regularly, and loads are within the correct specification for vehicle capacity to minimise emissions.

On-site Water Supply

We are lucky enough to also have our own water supply, which is filtered for suitability for drinking and use throughout our office and warehouse. This is enough to supply us with almost all our own water.

Eco-friendly Marquee Cleaning

In 2019 we invested in a state-of-the-art marquee washing machine, which cleans our kit to the very highest standard, significantly increasing the lifespan of our marquees. In turn, this reduces any waste we produce.

The Little Things

As a team we work hard to reduce, reuse and recycle wherever possible, down to the little things that all contribute to the big difference. This includes sensible printing habits, keeping lights and heaters off in unused rooms, shutting external doors, car sharing to meetings and even cycling to work. We have large recycling facilities to ensure anything that can be recycled, is. We also have on-site composting for all compostable waste.

Our Future Plans

Our current commitments are not fixed or exhaustive; we take everything under constant review to ensure we’re working as hard as we can for our business, with the environment always in mind, by always working flexibly and appropriately.

We’re not perfect and we recognise there’s always space to do more. We are incredibly proud to have carbon negative premises and although our solar power does offset some of our mileage and other carbon emissions, it does not offset all of them. In the coming years we aim to review our carbon output in all our operations, beyond our premises, and take actions to either reduce or offset these emissions.

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