A Guide To: Hiring Marquees For TV+Film Productions

With extensive experience working with notable TV & film production companies on large-scale broadcasting projects, our specialist team have the industry expertise to meet budgets, reach timescales and handle logistics. CMC understands the unpredictable and fast paced nature of this industry and believe marquees can offer a quick and flexible solution for all your structure needs. We work alongside you to create the perfect space without you having to worry about limiting factors such as location, sustainability concerns and busy booking schedules. These factors add up to create the perfect versatile structure solution.

Making the space your own

CMC Marquees provide a blank canvas; the perfect space to make your own. Set can be installed within the structure to transform the area into scenery required for each production. Previous examples at CMC include Western sets, Ski Chalet’s, Santa’s Grotto’s and Baking sets. We build structures of multiple dimensions, depending on your needs, and can walk you through recommended sizes based on a show’s requirements.

Extra facilities

Sometimes you think you’ve found the perfect location for a shoot, only to arrive and realise there is no storage or canteen facilities! Sound familiar? Well, these structures are not only perfect to build set within, but they can also be used to provide multiple other amenities such as;

  • Security tents
  • Storage
  • Hair and Make Up
  • Canteens
  • Green Rooms
  • Production offices

Through the partnership with our sister company, SLX, we can provide any lighting or staging you may require.


Marquees can provide you with your very own portable studio, able to be built wherever is most desirable, helping to create an efficient and straightforward filming process. Often filming occurs in impractical locations, with no buildings nearby to provide any shelter, let alone storage for set or canteen space for crew. Marquees can be built in a wider spectrum of locations, often in a day or two, providing flexibility with filming locations.

Don’t let the classic English weather put you off the idea of a marquee, we can provide, and install, heating, air conditioning, solid or PVC walls and cassette or wooden sub-frame flooring depending on temperatures and the state of a site.


A Guide To: Hiring Marquees For TV+Film Productions



We are proud to be an Albert Sustainable Supplier, making us one of only 3 marquee companies in the country able to evidence their continued commitment to providing a sustainable service. Last year our solar panels generated a whopping 24,983 KWH of solar energy, preventing 5tCO2e from entering the atmosphere and allowing us to operate on 100% renewable energy at our site! Any carpet used is now recycled into a geotextile membrane to be re-used in the building industry. Our vehicle fleet are all Euro 6 compliant and due to their size, can traverse many terrains to get to those ‘tricky to get to’ build sites. To check out more of our sustainability credentials click here.

CMC Marquees have a combined experience of over 60 years in the industry, having worked with multiple production companies such as Love Productions, Rare TV, The BBC, Channel 4 and Lime Picture’s. Over this extensive history within the industry, we have built a huge array of structures for a varying number of uses. We are confident we can aid you with any future endeavour. For more information click here to get in contact with us.

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