8 ways to use the perfect lighting for your marquee party

There are a million and one ways to get creative with your marquee party. One of the things you can have a lot of fun with is the lighting. There is such a variety of ways you can play around with the marquee lighting, creating different areas, moods, or themes for your perfect party. 

1. Light up your surroundings

Make your marquee stand out and incorporate any dramatic or beautiful feature in the surrounding area by adding some uplighters. Whether it’s a statue or a mystical tree next to your marquee, by using an uplighter you can really highlight a feature and add a glowing frame to your marquee. 

Make your marquee and its surrounding stand out with the use of uplighters

2. Help create themes and moods

A themed party just wouldn’t be the same if you didn’t have any lighting features to enhance the atmosphere. Using coloured uplighters or some dappled lighting, can make the world of difference to the kind of mood you want to create. Below is a picture of an exotic Silk Road themed party we build last year. We used warm colours and dappled lighting to create a hot tropical feel. Below is a New Year’s Eve Wedding in which we used vibrant purples to add to the exquisitely elegant, burgundy draped, royal atmosphere.

A Silk Road theme birthday party, using warm, exotic lighting to enhance the theme

Burgundy linings, with dramatic lighting, for this New Years Eve marquee wedding

3. Have a plethora of colours to create a funky dance floor space

Dancefloors are about letting lose and feeling the music. What better way to encourage the dancing vibes, other than having an excellent DJ or band, is by having funky lighting to create a groovy atmosphere so your guests can bust shapes all night long.

?Disco lighting, and starlit roof linings help create the perfect dancing area at this marquee birthday party

4. Create the perfect first dance

One of the things we love most about a wedding is the first dance. Music is powerful, and as the couple gaze lovingly into each other’s eyes, they listen to a song they chose together, that fills them with happiness and memories of moments they’ve shared together. Make this moment even more special by having a starlight roof lining, and create a sparkly dancefloor that makes one feel like they are dancing under the stars. Absolutely magical.

A starlight dance floor was perfect for this couples first dance, at their marquee wedding in Bristol

5. Make your marquee pretty

You can drape your marquee with lanterns, internally and externally. They are seriously beautiful and make for a great accessory. The wonderful thing about lanterns is that you can choose the colour to suit the seasons; auburns and yellows in autumn, blues and greens for the spring. You can even choose the colour to match and enhance your floral arrangements – or both!

Lanterns decorating the exterior of this Bristol based marquee wedding

6. Make an entrance

Ensure that your guests enter in style by adding some fiery flambés to either side of your entrance. This creates a dramatic appearance, but not just that, it warms up guests a little as they arrive – double whammy. 

Fiery flambes make this marquee entrance stand out, for this Birthday party in the South West

7. Bring in some style 

Festoons lights are completely on trend; they’re stylish and create a lovely warm atmosphere. One of our favourite marquee styles is clear roofs with festoons. Whether your marquee roof is clear, lined or unlined, they look beautiful, like stars floating over your head.

Clear roofs with festoon lights made for an extremely stylish wedding marquee in the South West

8. Ultimate sophistication

Chandeliers hanging from the ceiling are one great way to create sheer elegance in your marquee. They are simply the most exquisite lighting and accessory a marquee could have. They look amazing, and give the marquee an overall stunning glow. 

Chandeliers were used for lighting and decoration in the Bristol Life Awards marquee

So get creative, and light up your marquee!

If you would like to see how we light up and create atmosphere in our marquees, click here to check out our gallery. 

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