5 tips to create a warm winter marquee event

We love to host marquee events, whatever the weather. It’s certainly a myth that marquees are better as a summer venue; this couldn’t be further from the truth. Yes, we know they are technically outdoors, but we’ve got some great tips on how to keep your winter event nice and toasty, and keep those cold shivers at bay.


Use warm colours to help make the space feel cosy. While it won’t make a difference to the actual temperature, it will certainly make a difference to one’s state of mind, and you know what they say, mind over matter! Last New Year’s Eve we lined a wedding marquee with burgundy, and the deep ambient colour certainly detracted from the bitter cold outside.

Burgundy lined marquee creates a warm winter feel at this New Years Eve weddingWedding marquee filled with rich colour to detract guests from the cold weather


As you would heat up any indoor event, hire a few heaters, place them around the marquee at appropriate points, and feed warm air into your event space. Be sure to put one at the entrance for guests to be greeted with a pleasant rush of warmth, and to make sure they are toasty enough to take off their coats as soon as they arrive.

Heaters placed in this Bristol based marquee to provide warmth for all its guestsCan you spot the heater warming up this winter marquee in the South West


Imagine walking into a room, from the chill outside, that is filled with blue lighting, like a glacial wash. This would probably make you shiver just looking at it. You don’t want cold colours lighting up your marquee if you’re trying to get away from that icy feeling. Instead, why not light up the room with warm colourful uplighters, such as auburns and oranges, as if one has just stepped into the tropics. Or, have some fun and line the roof with super-stylish festoons, as if the suns luminous golden warmth is beaming down onto the guests.

Warm lighting used to make guests feel like they are in a tropic country as opposed to a location in the South WestFestoon lights used to create a warm glow in this January marquee in Somerset

Winter accessories

To give your guest a festive winter feeling, focus on the finer details of your marquee which go hand in hand with the season. Accessorise your marquee with candles, the little burning flames gives off a gorgeous golden glow. Also, why not add some seasonal foliage, the rich greens add natural colour, bringing the outdoor in without the bitter coldness.

Ivy and candles used the accessories this winter marquee in the South WestGlowing candles and rich ivy is the perfect combination for this winter marquee


Even before guests walk through the door, make sure they are immediately hit with a sensation of the toasty warmth that they are about to experience inside the marquee. Add some fiery flambés to either side of the entrance, they give off heat and make for a dramatic entrance – double whammy! Wherever you decide to place your external chill-out area, add some patio heaters, and a fire pit to keep guests snug when they need a smoke or a breath of fresh air.

Flambes used to warm up guests as they enter this marquee in the South WestTonto lamps on either side of the marquee entrance give off a lovely glow to detract from the grey weather

So don’t let the weather hold your back. With our handy tips, you can enjoy great marquee events all year round!

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